Reforming of a nation

As I look around, the more I see the more devastated I become. What is this? Are my eyes and ears deceiving me? Are we still proficient to be called human?

With these questions in mind I turned off the television and pondered on what should be done for future. A country where the projection by the UN for its population is about 440 Million by 2050, the thought of resources and the current availability of them to the natives of Pakistan made me wonder in astonishment at what is to be done..?

Bomb blasts. Talibans. Sky-high prices. Underdevelopment. Militant operations in Swat. Unstable government. Taxes. Protests and mutiny. These things are now the daily routine of every Pakistani, not to mention the social-economic crisis in the country!

The problem with Pakistan is not its unstable government or that it is a nuclear power. Economic landscape is deteriorating fast with the crisis hitting countries worldwide and showed its effects in Pakistan too.The main problem is that who we call as leaders are merely rulers who know how to dictate and corrupt but not to lead and prosper. The difference between a ruler and a leader can be seen by comparing Quaid-e-Azam and Saddam Hussain. Pakistan was born as an orphan nation and till now (after Quaid’s death) she has been unable to find a sincere leader to drive her towards accomplishment and success!

The mystifying part is how can we overcome these drastic situations and start building the “Quaid’s  Pakistan”? in my opinion, the best way to overcome these crisis is to empower the youth. We are the future of Pakistan and we should have a say in what is to be done! We have enough energy to bring about a resolution like Pakistan Resolution 1940 and enough enthusiasm to overcome any problem in the way. This gives rise to another chain of questions; how can I initiate the change? Who should I seek help from? How can I get the proper resources for the transformation of our nation?

I still meddle with the situation, wondering how I can play my part in this movement. A movement to re-create Pakistan. A movement to reform our nation. Still wondering, I again turn on my television to get the insight of the latest news…another period of gloominess and dejection!


13 responses to “Reforming of a nation

  1. agreed with u ruha…… these r the positive that we require in youth…….. our youth needs a direction………. i dnt expect any direction from our so called leaders…….. they all are working fo thier own gud………. and i think we dnt have too much time all these positive ideas and thinking are decreasing day by day among ppl…….. a large majority of our youth is no more intrestd in pakistan they dnt want to live here…….. they dnt have any motivation for their country all they want is a visa or imigration of some 1st world country…… but still there r ppl who feel for pakistan and if we provide a chance or direction to them they’ll change this country……. no doubt we have many problems but our youth have ability to solve all these problems and lead this country…… all we need a direction……. i remember at the time of long march even my female czns from lahore took part in that…… we feel for this country wee need a drirection…….. and if there is no one to provide us a direction then we’ll from our own direction….. a direction that bring a positive change

    • yes Hamza you are right…the youth today is losing hope in the revolution we want !
      they act so cowdardly by seeking immigration somewhere else, not realising that running away from the situation is not a way of solving the problem!
      They dont realise that they have the potential to do what they want… and they fail to realise that it is their responsiblity to be the change, and bring prosperity in the region!

  2. All u ppl are saying is absolutely right…our leaders are just incompetent…and they are just spoiling our future….But everytym we say that our youth is our future and we will bring a positive change…and things like that…but my question is WHERE TO START FROM????WHAT WE ALL COULD DO TO MAKE PAKISTAN A BETTER PLACE FOR LIVING….???at this point..we all are silent….we need sumone to guide us…and tell us the ways to make Pakistan a prosperous country…I myself ,is confused many tyms…and depressed too at my country’s situation but despite of thinking a lot,i failed to find a solution…or how can i play my part…except for tht i myself should go through the process of self-accountability and overcome my weaknesses….and work very hard ,concentrate on my studies…be FOCUSED…and when i grow old and go into my profession…i must work selflessly…….This is what i can do…….apart frm that what else we could do????We all really need to get a real guide on this…..

    • yes Ayesha…we dont know where to start from, but we know that this is our responsibility which is the best thing!
      and i guess being students we have to give our best in studies as well as by working volentarily in different NGOs.

  3. Youth empowerment, yes. Great article, Rooha!

    And the fact that we, the actual youth, are already thinking in this direction is a positive sign amid this sea of madness and nepotism.

    Great work!

  4. very commendable effort….i specialy like the fact that its focused and concise…..touchng upon the melancholic reality…and putting emphasis on the role of youth, and most importantly, leaving the essay open-ended, so that the readers ae stimulated to give opinions on the possible ways forward!
    well…my opinion…i can share what i try to do….i used to do the same as you….television+hopelessness stuff…..i went through all political talk shows, all political news, political fever for 2 years of A_level….then i started toget irked…the bomb blasts..the hollow political statements..the corruption….now i have put aside the tv remote…..i have decided to try to do the best at what my goals are….setting big professional goals(for national benefit) and pursuing them…..setting social goals and pursuing them…..i think we all have enough potential to go ahead on our own, as small groups, or large groups, and its time to detach all hopes from these political puppets and corrupt people…WE, THE YOUTH, have to change it…and as one of you mentioned….i hope this article gives the ‘ignition spark’….best regards…again lots of applause for you self-less effort/article in a needed direction

  5. always believe if their is anything wierd or bad than there is its good aspect too…….we got to unite under this flag n prove to be a Great Nation……….your way of speaking ur mind on page is way too good………..

  6. Good to see that our country is in secure hands…!!!
    Keep it up girl, your voice has enough power to shake the skies…make use of it to save Pakistan from these scavengers!
    God bless you!

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