Prove yourselves as Muslims!

Ya I know… you pray five times a day, you fast during Ramadan and maybe, you wear a hijab or have a beard. So is this all what Quran says? Ever wondered what are your duties with respect to religion?

In my opinion the construction of a great nation depends on the moral and ethical values of people in that region. For the commencement of progress the best possible way is to re-introduce Islamic principles and use them as guidelines for the future. We all seem blind to the reality that we all are a-part of this magnificent religion which has been proved authentic and is the fastest growing religion in the world!

All the religions in this world; let it be Hinduism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Shinto, Confucianism, Jainism, or any other, none of them is comparable to Islam in any way! You know as well as I do that In Islam virtue does not connote forsaking the bounties of nature that are lawful. On the contrary one is encouraged to lead a healthy, active life with the qualities of kindness, chastity, honesty, mercy, courage, patience and politeness. In short, Islam has a perfect and complete code for the guidance of individuals and communities alike.

Something I read a few days back made me brood over on our behavior in public and I was sickened to see that our behavior is not only ostracized in Islam but it goes against the general etiquettes of the society. For example; Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Let none of my Companions inform me of anything another of them has said, for I wish to come out to you without disquiet in my heart.” [Abu Dawud]. The reward for keeping a heart free of grudges is so enormous that it is not worth hearing about the doings of others. Backbiting, exaggerating what was done, or spreading feelings of animosity among fellows is a sin in Islam and it is also considered as delinquency in the society. Similarly, talking loudly and indelicately is not liked by Islam and is objectionable in the society. So next time you talk be careful of you are talking about!

By now, u may be bored or might be thinking why you chose to read this, but believe me, next time when you discuss things with your buddies, having these things in mind will keep you away from many sins. Improving our social behavior is a big step towards betterment and evolution.

It’s high time we realize our responsibilities to the humanity and with respect to our religion for the betterment of ourselves in this world and the hereafter!


8 responses to “Prove yourselves as Muslims!

  1. thats right…its so sad people treat islam as an inherited culture rather than a way of life……and this back-biting,and shouting at others..and acts that hurt someone……Allah shall not spare us until we seek forgiveness from the person we hurt…
    and sis i would take the occasion to mention an important thing….sometimes, no matter how cautious we are, we do back-bite……and many times we are not courageous enough to go and say sorry to the person we back-bit about! in that case, i came to know from a knowledgable religious person, the best way forward is to pray for the forgiveness of that person……if we can not find courage to tell him about our back-biting and seek forgiveness from him, we should pray to Allah to forgive him….in sha’Allah Allah will forgive both of us…! regards

  2. Spoken as a true, visionary Muslim….
    You’ve realized that true Islam is not just a beard, a veil or the shalwar kameez, but the following of a set of glorious principles that can ensure success, in this world and the hereafter.

    Great post! Keep it coming!

  3. So very True!!!!!!
    That we strive to achieve perfection in our religion and target bigger things like praying five times a day regularly,maintaining a beard,reciting quran(without translation and explanation most of the time)
    but do underestimate the smaller things that count and in the end make a huge difference like the way we talk to others and our behaviour!!!!!
    According to what i know and feel we are so engaged in making God happy that we never pay heed to our fellow beings and other forms of life!!!!!!!
    Having a beard and not having the ettiquates to talk and behave!!
    Praying five times a day and still the heart is not pure from within!!!!!
    I personally think that we should first focus on the human rights and that of every living thing simply because i believe that if we value what God has created than we would respect him even more!!!!!!
    our approach towards life would be different!!!!!
    thats what i feel!!!
    I may be totally wrong and i am not afraid of being so!!!!!
    that is the reason iam presenting so openly what i feel!!!!!!
    and would love further feedbacks!!!!!
    So that in we end up learning in whatever we write and comment upon in the form of a healthy discussion!!!!!!
    Great blog!!!!
    and hoping that you would write regularly in the future as well!!!!!

    • the thing is that we totally ignore some parts of Islam which make our overall personality..
      I personally think that if we employ Islamic principles in all aspects of our life then we can improve ourselves. All the vices prevailing in our country at the moment are severely condemned by Islam let it be backbiting, fornication, stealing or any other sort of misconduct. We profess to be great Muslims yet we dont even bother to take care of others feelings. Islam is a religion in which even enemies and betrayers were forgiven and were taken care of!
      we are so neglectful and emotionless that even knwing that its wrong, we are are still involved in such things :(

  4. Muslims r going to change everything n way to go…………ISLAM GIVES YOU SUCESS N HARMONY IN BOTH LIVES!!!!!!

  5. I really like this most. The principles you presented are what is needed by all people for us to have peace in our world. Your words represent an individual of great sensitivity and concern for others. It was very inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to help others see the light.

  6. Precisely ISLAM means
    When ALLAH created a society with a bunch of individuals then HE revealed a code for mutual co existence n dat,s ISLAM…………
    Islam z not only about following or depicting symbols such as beard and prayers………………….
    Unfortunately the sub continent version of ISLAM z “STICK TO THE SYMBOLISM AT EVERY COST” n v gave birth to FUNDAMENTALISM..
    I pray for a day when we built our foundations of ISLAM on the concept of PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS IN THE MODERN WORLD…..
    good work ROOHA

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