A black hole

It is the objective of liberal education to create a deep sense of association and close affiliation between an individual and society. When a society declines, the first sign of decline is the decline in morality. It occurs when an individual loses all of his concern in the society and becomes detached from its wellbeing.

History shows that there is no end to decline; it’s more like a bottomless black hole!

I would like to quote an example from history here; in 14th century, the Italian states were facing severe governing problems. There was economic crisis and the political downfall made the lives of people miserable. From time to time the area faced a severe epidemic which wiped out large number of populations. The Italian intellectuals decided to revolutionize the society by reconstructing it on the basis of new ideas and thoughts. It was not merely the revitalization of ancient Greek and Roman culture; creative ideas were produced to liberate the society from the grip of medieval ideology and transform it into a modern progressive one. They introduced a new educational system. A new set subjects were introduced which were; moral philosophy, rhetoric, grammar, logic, history and classical literature. They called it “humanities”. These subjects broadened the outlook and created the inquisitiveness to learn more in order to understand the society and its tribulations.

Poverty pushes people to either kill or rob. Religion, instead of uniting people, is dividing people on the basis of sects. Attempts to bring peace by force have also resulted in failure. We know that our educational system is obsolete and is not producing responsible citizens. If we want to change the society and arrest its decline, there is a need to introduce liberal education. Our educational system should be liberated from the shackles of ideology and include philosophy, history, literature, sociology, anthropology and psychology.

If citizens irrespective of their class and creed are educated, they would not only change the society but make it peaceful and prosperous!


10 responses to “A black hole

  1. I totally agree with what you said. We do need to change our educational policies to improve the living conditions and standards of people and for the ultimate success of Pakistan!
    The picture you attached is itself enough to show the whole senario.

  2. These subjects of psycology and philosophy are indeed very essential for the current youth of Pakistan. they need to understand and “learn” things.
    Education will bring the revolution if it is employed correctly. As you said, if the citizens are educated irrespective of their cast and creed only then they can prosper…
    a very good article indeed!

  3. totally agreed with u ruha…… our education system is a total failure……. even the cie system is not useful here…. cie offers almost all the subjects u mentioned but we dnt have facilities and faculty apart from sum famous clgs in lhr karachi and isd………. and students r not motivtd towards these subjects………. we have made our system a game of As and numbers……. i think thats a difference in eduaction and litterracy…….. we r providing littracy but not education

  4. Great post!
    Right to an equal education is something virtually unknown. Unless you can afford the bigwig colleges, you have to go a govt school…….I have seen one and I was astonished by its dilapidated buildings, outdated ‘knowledge’ and most of all, the attitude of the teachers….They didn’t realise they were putting the future of several hundred souls at stake by their attitudes.

    Great picture btw. Says it all…

  5. I loved this post.
    I am a strong supporter of Social Sciences and Humanities. I think what Pakistan really need is dedicated and qualified social scientists…. I don’t know why most of the students prefer to go to medical or engineering… social sciences are as important as other fields…. Students should be guided about Social Sciences and it future prospects.

  6. HEY!!!!!!!!!Peace always works……..i m only going to say…….even i don remember the words but still love n friendship can melt every stone cold heart!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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