The tables turned!

Welcome aboard to Fantasy Airlines!  My world of impeccability and flawlessness! Here the skies are blue, the seas are green, and the sun is shining down with full zeal. The flowers are blooming and there are fairies dancing and enjoying in the exquisite panorama. Calming music from my earpiece allowed me to escape into ecstasy…

My “Fantasy Airlines” crashed when two small hands thumped on the windowpane of my car, and made me ogle in fright to the possessor of that scrawny and undersized hand. Another beggar.

I wonder what if the tables were turned and we were to experience this destitution..?

What if you were deprived of all of your luxuries and sumptuousness? No iPods, laptops, posh mobile sets, internet, profligate wardrobes and the list goes on.

What if you were physically disabled? You can’t see, feel, hear or speak. Maybe you have a missing organ.

What if you were mentally retarded? No one would be able to understand you and vice versa!

What if the biggest problem of your life is not the grade you get in your exams but how to earn enough to buy yourself a meal?

What if you were illiterate?  Unable to read or even write your own name!

What if you lost members of your family or friends, to bomb attacks or floods?

What if you were an animal whose life is even more erratic than man itself? Oppressed, caged and exploited!

What would you do then?

Engulfed in our own pursuits, we fail to remember to take a moment in time to Thank GOD for all the blessings we have. Someone rightly said that the best way to realize the importance of something is to imagine what it would be like when it’s gone. Take some time out to thank ALLAH Almighty for each and everything you have and you are now. It was never, nor would it be ever, difficult for God to make your condition the same as that beggar, or any other poverty-stricken person.  Gods’ infinite liberality will always exceed all of our wishes and thoughts!

“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.”

13 responses to “The tables turned!

  1. similar to what i feel sometimes!!!!
    and u know what i feel???
    that we aspire for having more than we have!!!!!
    not realising that there are people who couldnt even dream of the things you have!!!!!
    and the animal part was a nice addition!!!!!!
    what if we were a mosquito or an ant!!!!!
    so small and immensly hated!!!!!!!!
    but i sometimes feel that we were better if we were animals in the wild!!!!!
    not cagged ones though!!!!!!
    atleast we would have had the independence to think and do whatever our small brains enabled us to do!!!
    staying close to the nature and close to God i guess!!!!!
    more than we humans are!!!!!!!

  2. what i feel is that we are caged in our approach towards life!!!!!
    like we prefer to get educated get a good degree under your belt and in the future play with a lot of money!!!!!!
    thats it!!!!!
    and if we get so we deem it as a right not as a blessing from God
    and if we Dont then we open our mouths out loud questioning what God had in store for us!!!!!!
    we donot strive to become a good human being!!!!!
    which doesnt even cost us a pence!!!!!!!

    and i guess we are living a life that similar to of an animal!!!!!!
    Dont want to be negative but thats what i feel!!!!!!!!

    • well in a way you are right, we do have a limited and restricted thinking…
      like you said, when we do get something either we take it for granted or forget to thank God for it and when we dont, we blame God for not giving us what we want! (we refuse to think that even disasters are a blessing in disguise, there is a reason for everthing)
      we refuse to do anything unless there is some material gain in it for us!
      in a way we do lead lives as animals…but it still depends on the person to remain an animal or to transform into a sound human being!

  3. I completely agree with you. We kind of live in our self-made utopia where everything is just perfect. knock knock.. it’s time to come to reality and accept everything because once we have accepted these things, we will work to eradicate them from our society….
    Good job!

    P.S: I don’t mean to be rude but I just thought that it would be better to tell you that you have mistakenly misused ‘Nepotism’. Nepotism is favoritism granted to relatives or friends regardless of merit.

  4. Priceless article……
    no words to describe it…..
    We’ve always learned from the very beginning
    and heard it countless times that all muslims are
    brothers and sisters……
    but, alas, never really bothered to think about their plight,
    their miseries, their problems and never really tried to help our
    own brothers and sisters.
    We should always Thank GOD for what we have…
    and try to share His blessings with other members of the public…..!!!!!

  5. ROOHA!!!!!!!!great website at start but keep on trying you”ll do the best on graphics too as you are writing good………………best of luck……..sis………..proud to have you as a friend ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  6. Great article….!!
    Much better than mine, I should say :P

    P.S Don’t want too sound rude either, but I second Shahzaib. Maam Asma is, in the likeliest of probabilities, wrong…

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