Divine Justice

Today I learned something of intense significance; if you are good then even if the whole world is against you, one day you will be proved right!

My personal experience makes me believe that human beings are very strange. No matter how good you are with them, they are bound to hurt you (with only a few exceptions). Why is it that if you care for someone they just use you like a door mat, after cleaning their feet, they leave you full of dirt!

Drama is caused by exaggerated lies, unnecessary hatred, vicious gossip and pointless accusations. Some people make use of drama to get attention or sympathies while some use it to disgrace others; I, unfortunately, had to face both situations. Sometimes when jealousy and envy builds up, it causes man to change him into something so ferocious and troubling the he loses control over what he says and what he does!

The reason for sharing this with everyone is to show everyone that no matter how big the accusation, have faith in Divine Justice! If you face difficulties then be strong to deal with them. Learn to value your life, everyone has to face emotional stress, it’s just how you deal with it. Whether you use it to grow stronger or to use it as an excuse for giving up!

I’ll give you a tip, next time someone pisses you off or you think that “life is not fair”, then please think about those thousands of people sleeping without shelter, having nothing to eat , yet they live each day with a new hope…! Live your life, don’t give your enemies the contentment that they have accomplished in hurting you!

Or, like me, you can pray:”Lord, give me strength to accept psychopaths and annoying people I cannot change before I lose my temper and slap them! Amen!”


12 responses to “Divine Justice

  1. What you wrote above is true!
    for people who mistreat you or put false allegations on you, their abode is Hell!
    in midst of their anger and jealousy they fail to understand how much they hurt others!
    i dont know you personally but as a human being I think you are a great person, your posts and your thinking is a proof of it!

    May peace be upon you!

  2. Worthwhile reading and so true…..
    A little bit of patience at the time of adversities
    can do wonders…..
    we should not curse our fate and sit
    idle… but find the solution of the problems…..

  3. I totally agree with you, giving up is not the way to tackle a problem, we should face it with a smile!
    and every good idea has to face opposition, dont worry, if you are right, one day you will be proved right!

  4. oh my God, I just loved it. I so much agree with you. Sometimes people don’t realize what their actions can do to other peoples.
    I have also been through what you just described.,….
    hey… I don’t like one thing… your article is gender biased.. that’s not fair :(
    women do have their share in such things.. :D
    and I am glad that you are back on your track.. :D

  5. Aptly said and well put. Experiences really teach us a lot. I did have my share in the “Lord, give me strength to accept psychopaths and annoying people I cannot change before I lose my temper and slap them! Amen!”.

    P.S. From some unknown reason. a small giggle escaped me when I first read this. Is it normal? :P

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