*Reading Minds*

Always think positive and beneficial; you never know who reads your thoughts. Oh no! I’m not talking about the marble-like-white vampire; Edward Cullen who can “listen” what people are thinking!

Every day, whether we’re pushing for praise, wrestling with the kids over homework, or judging whether a friend really likes our latest hair-do, we’re reading each other’s minds. Drawing on our observations, our databank of memories, our powers of reason, and our wellsprings of emotion, we constantly make educated guesses about what another person is thinking and feeling. Throughout the most heated argument or the most lighthearted chat, we’re intently collecting clues to what’s on the other person’s mind at the moment.

Mind reading of this sort—not to be confused with the infallible superhero kind of telepathy—is a critical human skill. It’s the way we make sense of other people’s behavior and decide on our own next moves. Mind reading enables us to negotiate, compete, cooperate, and achieve emotional closeness with others. It lets us figure out when we’re being manipulated or seduced. It’s how we know when someone finds our jokes hilarious or is humoring us out of politeness. Mind-reading ability is perhaps the most urgent element of social intelligence. The thoughts and feelings of others, including those closest to us, are far from transparent; that makes mind reading the only way to know someone beyond the mere surface. It’s the only way to achieve true intimacy. And the only way to love someone for who he or she really is. This delicate balance between perceiving and concealing has served humans well over our long history.

Of course, in order to advance our own interests, we still needed to conceal feelings from others at times, and even to lie. We didn’t always want to show exactly what we were thinking, because others could use that to gain the upper hand. Mind-reading ability is now on the decline in our culture. I find it difficult to point out who is the culprit behind all this!

Today’s obsessed-with-success parents? Who spend so much time stimulating their children with structured activities, noisy toys, and Baby Einstein DVD’s, they are not sitting still and being “present” with their kids.

The media? For showing so much bloodshed and hostility without any censorship, not realizing the effect on its viewers.

Or all the community? For constantly showing deceiving attitude and illusory.

As a result, children are denied the opportunity to learn how to get in tune with another person, physically and emotionally—that is, to develop mind-sight.  A reasonable degree of mind-sight is required, for a civil society in which every individual feels the pain and happiness of the other people in the society. Today, due to our insensitivity, we are unable to help those around us who are in need. We fail to perceive things around us and how they are affecting us and people around us. In a battle to do the best and become the best, we have become so insensitive that our actions and their effects on others is unknown.


10 responses to “*Reading Minds*

  1. I personally feel that even if we conceal or try to conceal our emotions there are some persons in the world who can understand what u feel!!!!
    Ur best friend and some what ur spouse in some cases as well!!!
    making you feel good when ur down emotionally!!!!!
    and you know the parents are not totally wrong!!11
    it is the deceptive system which has the faults!!!!
    our parents believe that we have to earn to be haapy,we have to be financially strong to get them everything they desire!!!!
    not a wrong thought!!!!
    but they ignore that the spirtual role they have to play!!!!
    make us understand life through their eyes rather than we learning from the DVDs and the Uncensored media deceiving us even more and luring us to believe that this is the life we have!!!!!
    like i mentioned in my blog!!!!
    a thought provoking blogpost btw!!!

    • parents might not be the main reason for this attitude of children but in my opinion the main reason for this is the overall community because the moment a child steps into this world he sees people decieving eachother, they see fakeness all around them. To them, it is the way the world goes!
      nowadays no one is tht much receptive to pain as they were before…

  2. yes, everything and everyone seems an illusion!
    deception by leaders to do this and that..our world revolves around the principle of deception…our younger generation adopts this attitude and as you said…become insensitive to their environment!

  3. Great post!
    Really liked the last sentence. Sums up the mindset of almost all the people today: Selfish and self-obsessed…

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