Is that a bird or a plane..? Nope it’s a chicken!

Behind every army of protectors, behind every wall of security, there lies a human soul, a soul terrified and scared of the state of affairs. A soul running away from the situations rather than facing them fearlessly!

When we are visited by times of crisis, there’s an internal mechanism that comes alive within every human being.  It causes a reaction within us that cuts against the very fiber of our purposed creation.  Our Adam-ic nature comes fully loaded with such behaviors and responses.   And when times of predicaments come, we all naturally and instantly operate out of panic, fear, pride and egocentricity.  These “soul-ish reactions” manifest various negative physical actions.  And one such action is running away. We all tend to run away from tight spots, problems and crisis.  And although it’s a natural response, it creates unnatural consequences.  It requires integrity and character to face issues; unfortunately these are qualities that must be built up in us.

Running away is a temptation we all face every day of our lives.  Its main purpose is to either create more problems for us or destroy our character and credibility.

From far view we can see strong people, with their strong amours. Just like an eagle, they are physically powerful and gifted with enough intelligence to overcome any obstacle on ascend to their destiny. But as we look closer and deeper, they are merely chickens, running away and fleeing from situations which they cannot cope with. Big Bungalows, Mercedes in car porches and all other pleasures mostly attained by those possessing great power to satisfy themselves that they are successful. While in reality, they are avoiding contradictions and going with the flow and keeping up the trend of being a hypocrite and escaping from their obligations to their own small world!

Running away from problems is not only futile, it leads to a false sense of security.  The erroneous premise is that your problems can be left behind by utilizing one or more strategies.  The reality is, problems follow you until they are resolved. People attempt to run away in numerous ways.  Although the approaches may vary, they all have one thing in common.  None of the techniques help find solutions.  Instead, the problems persist or grow worse.

No one wants problems but everyone has to deal with them.  When they occur, you can minimize their longevity by handling them as quickly as possible.  Attempting to run away from them will just prolong your problems as well as enabling them to get worse.  Every problem has a solution.  Put your energy into solving your problems, not running away.

In the end, the choice is all yours, whether you chose to be a chicken or not!


13 responses to “Is that a bird or a plane..? Nope it’s a chicken!

  1. chickens… :P
    but you have to agree,
    it depends mostly on the situation itself, whether you want to chicken out or not!

  2. I’m just nonetheless learning from you, despite the fact that I’m just boosting me personally. My spouse and I absolutely enjoyed reading through all that is certainly submitted on your own site.
    Keep the articles coming.

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