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My Class !

I am sitting here tonight, a little sentimental and gushy, reflecting on the past five years of my life, and I am amazed at how much it changed. When I see my class-fellows giving such-and-such tests for such-and-such universities, I feel a rush of nostalgia sweeping over me.

Everything is going to end soon, and this “soon” is coming very fast!

For me, my class is something marvelous, divine, impressive, wonderful, out of the world (and all other synonyms :P) , with everyone being a precise and exceptional component of the class. Let me have the pleasure of introducing you to my class-fellows:

In my class, by the grace of God, everyone is intelligent, but even among the genius minded people there are some exceptionally brilliant people who emerge with the best possible results in everything they indulge into; Armaghan-e-Rehman, Soban Arif Maan and Aleesha Kainat fall in this category (see, I said that our class is full of whiz kids!)

There are some people in the class, who are always in the mood of enjoyment and exhilaration. These people are the core elements of the class; cracking jokes at the most unexpected and serious moments and making everyone laugh so hard that they are falling off their seats. Ayesha Zubair, Kisha Gill and Ammar Mehmood (as his “sober” talks are funnier than the punch-lines themselves) are one of them.

The aptitude of splendidly inimitable art is not possessed by many. In our class, Haseeb Jamil was blessed with that talent along with Fareeha Shahid and Rushba Tariq.

Some people are blessed with keen insight of matters, those who possess a third eye for every occurence and are keen to put across their expert views regarding every situation. They are (so-called boring) people who- like me – do blogging who include:

Hayder Sarfraz;,

Armaghan-e-Rehman Mansoor; ,

Shahzaib Bajwa;

Nauman Hafeez;

And then there are these marvelous people who are always up-to-date with the latest music and movies, no matter what happens you’ll find every piece of info you need on hi-tech news from them. Quratulain Iqbal, Sunayna Amatu Rab En Nasir (phew, long name!) and Shumail Mohyudin are among them.

There are people who strongly believe in freedom of expression and they love to prove that they are right, no matter what! They can speak on any topic for hours with necessary justification, reasoning and many speculations on the way. Hamza Talat (with his trademark sentence, “ho jaye ga!”) fall in this catagory!

There are people who have the passion to travel the world!  They want to explore and discover. They have their own principles and can win any argument on the basis of logic and explanation. Sobhan Arif Maan falls in this category.

Yet there are people quite undaunted by the comings and goings. Those who can easily fall asleep during the lecture and yet get grand scores, my dear friend Aabia Islam and Hira Latif fall in this category!

There are people who act mysteriously and seem calmed in almost every situation, namely; Faakeha Islam, Hussnain Cheema, Raza-ur-Rehman, Zafar-ul-Iman and Adil Raza Chaudry (who is also a great actor!)

I’m sure many would disagree with my style of categorizing my class-fellows like this, but the thing here is, that no matter which university I go to, no matter which place or what time, these particular characteristics will remind me only of these people who made these years so wonderful and worth remembering!  Whenever there’s silence I’ll remember all those free periods during which we make enough noise to make anyone go mad. Whenever I’ll remember DMC, I’ll remember each and every one as the colours which made the overall picture so spectacular that there are no words to describe it!

I would thank everyone for all those memories and I apologize if, in the course of enlightening my soul with education, I offended them in any way!

This blog is dedicated to the whole of my class, which is indeed the Best Class ever. May Allah Almighty bless us all (Ameen)

So go ahead and live your life and become what you want to be,
But don’t forget the days you spent, when you were young at school with me!


30 responses to “Sentiments!

  1. The thought of going away from ur friends, from ur dear ones, who stood side by side in every situation no matter what, who cared abt u, whose presence make u feel ‘special’. It never is an good thought. But know wht, it totally depends on the person whether he wants to continue that relation or nt. Distance can be a hurdle sometimes, but not something which cannot be overcome.
    I am also thankful to each of my classfellow, for being there and making me feel ‘special’.
    Thank You everybody….!!!!!

    P.S….its always gr8 to read abt classfellows, gr8 post….!!!Thumbs up!

    • yes time and space cannot seprate people!
      if you are true friends then no matter what happens, nothing will change that!

      Ps: reminds me of my class fellows too :(
      i loved this post, your class is indeed special!

  2. Woah……!!! Senti girl … Pehli bar u ne kuch acha bola :P lol jk … true we’ll miss ya too!!! :) but trust me i hate u more dan anything datx y u r da closest to me!! N dont worry im ur stalker so aur koi tumhe milay na milay in ur uni i wuld b dere beside u chahay situation diffrnt he kyun na ho ;) .. :D

    P.S derex more to men qurat dan jux techshake :)

    N P.S again … Thanx 4 categorising me in da 5yr klg sath haha!! =D

  3. yaar ……..!!! bassss…..u made me sad….it indeed is painful to think that we people are gonna separate after a short span of time…..
    btw …a really really nice categorising …
    lakin …main to ab nahi soti during lectures….bas teacher farah kuch ziada hi kahti hai……waise to unki class main sab hi soo rahay hotay hain…..

  4. oooooo!!
    free publicity of my blog!!!!
    anyway jokes apart have been thinking about this for a long time!!!!
    the day we will finally depart on our independent paths!!!!
    and being thought of as a boring person is better than being classified as a charsi etc!!
    anyway a great post partly because it was about us so maybe appealed a little more than your previous blogposts!!!!
    and this is the ultimate reality that we have to face!!
    even though we dnt want to but still have to!!!]
    the things we have to do to progress!!!!
    sometimes in quest of succeeding we have to let go of the relations that we shared!!!!
    i dnt know if its for the better or the worse!!!
    only time will tell!!!!!

    • Things have to change and people have to evolve with time, it is an undeniable truth!
      but I feel that if you are determined to stay in-contact with your friends and fellows, you can!
      time gap is there but it doesnt mean that we seprate forever…!
      I hope we all remain together forever :)

  5. amaaaazzzziiiinggggg post……. loved it….. a zabardast description of our class fellows….. and yeah thora dukh bhe ho rha hai about leaving dmc and this amazing class…..

  6. @Rooha
    great post and I loved the way you described our mates and the expression you showed..

    @to all my classmates

    you guys are left with only 3-4 months before you will depart and and will go to different places,meet different people and experience different guys will terribly miss each other,when you will move to universities,you would wish that the same people would be part of your life again. I wanted to say do remember always the time we spent together and value the relations that we have made..many of the modellians say “DMC ma rakha kya ha” and my response is that its not about the place,its the people that make a place a heaven or hell on the earth.the same is the case with my institution(DMC).I have been blessed with many fellow that have made DMC look like heaven to me.Even though I have moved to LSE,which has a far better environment in all aspects but I still do miss the time I spent and the friends I have made…

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