Are you free to be free?

Isn’t it funny that how easily the news of your zodiac being changed made the whole cyber world go off the wall while dozens of people, rather hundreds of them, sacrificing their lives under the banner of freedom go un-noticed?

Let alone the right of expression and speech, people are denied the right to live! What we see are merely living corpses walking around without any dreams or aspirations. Women enslaved, child labor, domestic violence, all of this is nothing but the denial to their basic right of freedom.

Life is as it is. There are some fundamental laws such as you reap what you sow and the yin and yang; or, as the Beatles taught us, “Instant karma’s gonna get you.” However, one of the fundamental tenets of existentialism is freedom. As we see in Kashmir, Palestine, Egypt, and other places, people all over the world have a burning desire to be free. If there is a universal truth, it has to be the quest of humans for freedom!

And yet, humans are the only animals I know who are born free and then spend their lives imprisoning themselves. We are born free with more doors open to us than we can ever hope to enter and then we systematically close those doors by making poor choices.

We blame the system, the circumstances of our birth, racism, chauvinism, ageism, and the list goes on. I will not diminish those things and the other evils which swirl around us and tempt us and crush us and keep us from reaching our full potential. But all too often we are the authors of our annihilation. We unlock the door of failure and rush eyes wide open through it.

Make the right decisions and you’ll be te one enjoying the freedom of living! This freedom is the freedom to dream, freedom to live the moment, freedom to do what you want, freedom to think and change!

Freedom carries with it responsibility. We must work hard to protect our freedom and make the right choices. We must join in solidarity with those around the world who are struggling for their own freedom.


16 responses to “Are you free to be free?

  1. Our choices change our fate…we choose our fate instead!
    agreeeeeeeed to what you said :)
    making good and right choices is all that matters!

  2. most of the times it depends on us whether we choose to be free or not…sometimes while choosing to be silent we ourselves snatch away our right of speech as afterwards everyone expects us to remain silent in all matters!
    to be free or not to be is our own choice most of the times !

  3. Good to see this approach from you Rooha!
    I said before that you have more potential then you know, so make use of it!
    Hope to see more of it from your side :)

  4. Hello Rooha! This is my first reading of your blog! I’m Don, whose blog post Nightmares you so kindly read and commented on. It is a pleasure reading your thoughts, and you certainly show intelligence and insight beyond your years! Here in American, we definitely take for granted, our freedoms, plus we often incorrectly have in our minds that what we have, everyone has. Silly us! Our democracy was called, “The Great Experiment”, back in the days of our early history. Most other countries at the time, thought we were at best, foolish, when we started this effort. Unfortunately for us, white men have been involved from the beginning, which automatically means a good idea got thoroughly mucked up. Since I don’t honestly know, I am wondering if people who have grown up in oppressive countries, even know of the concept of freedom. Doesn’t that have to be taught to them, one way or another? They may not know that there is any other alternative. True, humans want to be free, but I wonder the concept can occur to people who have never been told about it? As an aside, I laughed when I signed onto WordPress to find two people, one from India, and yourself, that I read one of my blogs! I am blessed to get your readership, feedback, and thoughts from a person of your age, intelligence, and country! I hope you continue to read my unusual thoughts! As a commercial, LOL, may I suggest some of my other blogs, hoping you will have the time to scan through them. At I have a blog called Thoughts To Ponder, and it may be of interest to you. I have a blog called, Is This Funny, at which may display my lack of sanity. Finally, a brand new blog called, When Words Fail Me, at ANonWritersWriting.Wordpress.Com where I intend to have poems, short stories, and general comments. So, if you feel adventursome, please drop by!

    I feel that since you have an interesting location, the intelligence needed, and the point of view of someone much younger than I, I was wondering if you would like to exchange e-mail addresses, so we can talk about many things? I would be honored to be your e-mail buddy, so my regular address is Don.Cunningham@Att.Net and I would value your time, mind, heart, and insight! It’s totally up to you! Again, thanks for reading Nightmares, keep writing and more often, you are doing well! Take Care! Don

  5. Freedom. Choices. Life. So many doors are around us, but we choose to lock them rather than open them. Whether you’re 8 or 80, the life you are going to have is based on the paths you make for yourself. And it’s never too late to start making the right paths for yourself. Nice blog.

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