Who’s better?

Na na na na na…!!!

I’m better than you and you know it!

Think about it. If I beat you easily every time we ever play chess, I am better than you at chess. If I beat you at wrestling, I am better than you at wrestling, and so on. There is nothing wrong with that. It is actually perfectly normal and inescapable.

Everyone in this world is inferior to most everyone else on some level, and better than everyone else on almost none.

So get used to it. We aren’t equal. I am better than you. At least at something. If I am paid more, that means I am (quite literally) worth more.

The question is not whether one person is better or worth more or superior to another in any particular skill, or even in all skills together, though. Even if someone was better than every single other person in the world at everything you could possibly measure each other by, his life would not be worth more. He would be worth more, but his life wouldn’t. Our lives are all equal before God, each one worthy of living, each one equally free to be saved, each one equally loved by God.

So if I say I am better than you, I am not talking about in that sense — quite simply because you can’t say it in that sense. People try, but they are stating an oxymoron. The value of your life is not predicated on what you do with it.

But does that mean I should say I am better than you, even when I am referring to intelligence, or vocabulary, or wrestling or chess skills? Should I be proud of it?

Well, proud has a couple of meanings. It can mean justly pleased with something, or inordinately pleased with something. I can be proud of my friends for the way they help me around with everything, or even proud of the fact that I can handle situations even at their worst (no, I’m not exaggerating!). I can also be arrogant and condescending about both facts.

This arrogance, occurs, I believe, when we get the two kinds of worth that I just talked about mixed up. If we begin to imagine that our value makes our lives any more valuable than anyone else’s life, then we become condescending and arrogant. If we see everyone as having something that they are better than us at, and value them for it, then honest appreciation for our own value is perfectly healthy.

Here is the key: if your appreciation for your own skills or value makes you thankful — honestly thankful — then it isn’t arrogance. If it makes you condescending, then it is the bad kind of pride.

So yes, I am better than you, and proud of it, but you are also better than me. And you should be proud and thankful for it.

That was probably, honestly, the most confusing article I have ever written… hopefully you all will be able to understand it.

PS: My regular readers will have to wait for my future posts for a little while (till the end of my Final A Level Exams). Pray for yourself and me too..! If I do survive till the end of my exams, you’ll be lucky enough to hear more of my ideas/philosophies regarding life and my dear Pakistan (got loads of them popping in my mind!)

Till next time, be happy and keep others happy!


26 responses to “Who’s better?

  1. Another nice post ..!
    it makes me sad to think of not hearing from you till june :(
    anyways, best of luck dear, you’re sure gonna succeed in your exams!

  2. Ahan…!
    another good post from you, pretty thought provoking.
    none of us is superior than anyone in this world nor is anyone inferior, we all have different capabilities regarding different situations/things which results in different aspects of our personality to be exposed to others.
    loved the line :”Everyone in this world is inferior to most everyone else on some level, and better than everyone else on almost none.”

    PS:makes me sad not to be intouch with you!
    you also deactivated your fb account!

  3. Great post…!
    Needed to read it three times though. Boy my intellect is waning!!
    I was going to post my last post tonight too :P

    P.S. Great theme….I am so copying it for my own (minus the slightly feminine background)

  4. Great post once again….. :)
    Truly agree to your idea of being inferior to everybody and yet superior to many persons at the same time.!
    Nobody is perfect.! the best thing that a person can do is to acknowledge the things he is inferior in and constantly polish his personality to make up for those and maybe acquire those skills from people who are better in them…;)

  5. hmm….thought provoking !
    u r rite, no one is superior than any other person rather everyone is equal having thier own specialities in different fields of life.

    Best of luck for exams, may you achieve the best possible results :)

  6. Good concept and Great post!
    very inspiring blog!!!
    you possess a very stong and powerful voice of future generation capable of bringing about a revolution in the country.
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Another way you could look at things from a different perspective. Wonder if there were no judgments or better or worse or win or fail.

    Maybe all those things fade as time marches on. Any trophy or possession gained, house, yacht, power, looks, money all fade and change.
    An illness will make your money useless and your life become squalor in an instant. The real control we eludes ourselves to, is non existent.

    The right side of our brains has no judgment or dialogue or words. The conscious brain has no way of knowing or influencing it.

    If you were to enter into your sport or creative space without judgment or comparison, the event will transform and you may enter into it. At this point time ceases and you are totally present and available to experience joy and happiness. judging or thinking destroys this opportunity. An emotional attachment of the ego to “I” am better is all ego.

    Our ego is only a golf ball in a swimming pool. We make many beach balls out of our thoughts and attachments.

    If our thoughts our truly powerful we could stop cars in traffic.

    • I totally agree with you on this that everything depends on our perception!
      Everything fades away with time but all you need is the right perspective to keep yourself and everything else in order!

  8. hey

    thats a very nice article, Amidst all this race of getting better than others, we forget to enjoy the real ourselves. We always strive to be better than classmates, then colleagues, relatives without realizing that no matter what,there would be someone or the other who would be better than us as nobody is perfect:):).

    • Actually, the main idea was to project that no one is better than anyone in this world. We always categorize people in the way whether they are better than us or not. Ultimately, the thing which I wanted to highlight here is that you might be really good in some things while you cant be perfect, no one can be perfect in that case. And hence, we are no one to say that one is better than the other person.

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