The Time Has Come!

From the past sixty-four years:

The same old pledges of change and revolution. The same old parties and their political dynasties, which are nothing more than parasites, they take with them everything and leave nothing behind! The lawyers spend more time on the streets protesting rather than in courts. Teachers, doctors, bureaucrats, every element of the society falling to pieces and all we do is to blame the government, forgetting that we voted for them to take charge and do something!

What’s happening now?

No positive change, ironically,  the destruction goes on…

Making a mistake is human; to blame the next guy for the mistake is even more human. Blaming others is an international pastime; most politicians spend more than half of their time and energy blaming others for their situation. Being human, we find it very easy to put the blame on others – and in this case – the government for every fault in our lives.

Well, we have to understand that blame game is the second most ancient game ever played by human beings, hide and seek being the first!

Indeed Pakistan is a state too significant to be allowed to fail. The strategic location of Pakistan, along with the title of being the “locus of terror” is significant enough for US. For China, it is useful for tying down India. While for India, a nuclear-armed Pakistan would likely set in motion a greater headache were it to go under!  For Pakistanis themselves, Talibanization would be most uninvited. Not that Pakistan is about to tip over, but well-wishers prefer it draw back from the brink.

Blaming is probably the only game which is universally played all over the planet. Almost everyone in this world plays this game, from the poorest pauper to the richest billionaire. If you are still not convinced just watch the TV or read the news paper, you will find talk show pundits and columnists making money blaming others. It is a tragedy that everyone is trying to find a target outside themselves for their failures and discomfort. We are the reason for our success and downfall! We ignore the rules, we prefer casts above character. We give/take bribes.

No one is responsible for this situation of our country, but us!

What can the government do? Government must invest for providing job opportunities to the unprivileged people who have suffered a lot due to the drone attacks, floods and earthquakes. If they are not helped in returning to the normal life, they could join terrorist groups. Youth living in the cities must be involved in technology related projects as internees. This will not only help them develop their skills, but also will be useful in the introduction of latest hi-tech in the country.

Pakistan is not a safe place for anybody to visit now, and if the authorities don’t institute radical changes, there is never going to be a Visit Pakistan Year. It is a pity, because it is a beautiful country and is blessed with the stunning Pakistani Himalayas, rarely visited now by climbers, trekkers or tourists.
Pakistan will also have to be safe, before it can save its economy. Its people are intelligent and industrious, but made redundant and disturbed by poverty. Foreign assets and investments in economy is hard to come by, and will be even harder now. A few more years in this seemingly insolvable imbroglio and Pakistan will surely become, like Somalia already has, a failed state. When Mr.Jinnah fought for an independent Pakistan, he cannot have imagined the chaos that it is tumbled down into now. Nor would he have envisioned it becoming a failed state!

If Pakistan is to be saved, it is now!


20 responses to “The Time Has Come!

  1. Great post! Nice to see you back again!
    It is really true, all that you wrote… Few more years in the same circumstances we face now, and disaster will be imminent. A change for the better is mandatory.

  2. Good to see you back dear :)
    Great post…I loved the the whole concept, and I agree with you that we do blame others for the things we are responsible for!

  3. Great to see you back :)
    It is a pity actually that everybody is so involved in the
    blaming game. People just want the burden of their mistakes
    to be thrown on other people shoulders. :( If we could just stop that
    and for once try to learn from our mistakes instead of blaming
    others for it, Pakistan would be a much happier and prosperous

  4. Just want to say enough of the talk, my question is, you as an individual, what are you doing to help the unprivileged people? Are you involved in any work which can bring change to the society? What is your contribution to Pakistan Society?

    Why does everyone go on and on about the problems Pakistan is facing, if you are that bothered then do something about it. My post might seem harsh but it is the reality. I read many blogs like this one where people are writing about the problems Pakistan is facing but at the end of the day Pakistan needs change and the change will only come if you starting taking the correct actions to make the society better. There is no point blaming the Government, look into your own lives and analyse if you are doing anything negative which is harming the society and Pakistan. For example, do you pay your taxes? Do you bribe people to get your own way? Are you taking advantages of the funds available to you if you are a civil servant? Are you paying your electricity bills correctly? Are you helping out the poor and needy people? Do you respect elders? Do you think before wasting food or buying expensive clothes that there are millions of people out there who do not have access to these basic needs? Have you engaged yourself in charity work to perhaps provide a water pump in a small village? Have you ever thought if your maids/servants kid goes to school, if not can you help them to gain basic education?

    If you do not want to envision Pakistan as a failed state for future generations then start doing something now.

    • I have been involved in volenteer work for a long time and indeed you’re right that we should correct ourselves first before asking others to do so.
      Other than the NGO’s I personally feel that one has to convey their message to the masses, via blogging or anyother means, to let others know how they should act in-order to prevent Pakistan from becoming a fail state !
      We can combine the ideas of so many people here and decide ourselves and evaluate which option is better than the other. For instance, I believe that the best way to save Pakistan is to increase the standard of education and prevent brain drain.

    • I love every word written in the article. I cant understand this comment. How can any individual do anything for society. Nobody can help the poor but themselves. Govt can control in Macro level and bring changes in a period of time not immediately. Under dictator you cant ask such question. In democracy you can only suggest solutions and help the Govt. to improve the lot of the poor. Europe and US are difficulties because they have been doling out money to the underprivileged. Not their money but money borrowed fro Kuwait, Saudi and China, See where they are. Pakistan has lost a lot of time by calling all politicians corrupt and army takes over and pushes them backward for a decade. You should let democracy work itself for many years and then see the fruits.

      • exactly, every person in the society has a role to play. We cannot blame the government or the ruling party for anything in particular..!
        If we end up selling our votes to the corrupt politicians its our fault and it takes time for any sort of arrangement or any sort of settlement to work out !

  5. First thing is that who is responsible for that, as I have examined I think they are
    1. People 2. Leaders
    I gave first priorety to people because they are always quite, if they are awake then they hardly stuggle for a month then forget. When they vote they only see the leader not the workers who will be given charge of an area.
    For the leaders I will say that they are always busy in making money if any leader tries to be true then he/she is killed or made quite.
    As Mr. Z is our president then he will be busy in meetings or big and nationwide issues, he do not have time to visit every area that duty is upon workers who got the vote but 40% are missing. Now enough is written There is need of change.

    • Exactly !
      but the question is how to initiate the change?
      I personally feel that the best option- for something to be done on a bigger level- would be to educate people more and more, increase educational opportunities ! Students are disheartened by the fact that there are less job opportunities and less number of universities in Pakistan, so most of the cream of Pakistan opt to go abroad and serve other nations rather than Pakistan!
      I think that the only way to initiate a revolutionary change is to increase the educational standards and introduce humanities as one of the major subjects, rather one of the compulsory subjects, in every school and college!
      As an individual, we can ensure that we DO obey the rules and regulations of the country! Become a good citizen ourselves to set an example for others!

      • How to improve. I will tell you Indian experience. In 1970’s we did not have enough food to eat. US gave aid under which PL480 all money was to be paid in Rupees. Indian govt spent the entire money in Education IITs is now one of the world renown institution like Harvard etc. Many US companies are doing campus interview and recruiting the. It take time you have to be patient and build your country.

  6. Hai jo hangama bapa yorish-e-balghari ka

    Ghafilon kay liyey paigham hai baydari ka

    Tu samjhta hai, ye saman hai dil azaari ka

    Imtihan hai terey eesaar ka, khuddari ka

    Kyon hirasan hai saheel-e-fars-e-aada sey?

    Noor-e-Haq bujh na sakey ka nafs-e-aada sey

    [Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal]

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