The Spider And The Window

During the past couple of weeks I was going through a rough time and one small event entirely changed the way I think. I thought it would help others who are also struggling with their life.

It was raining here in Faisalabad and I, subjected to sheer depression, was looking at a spider on the window (I’m not particularly fond of spiders). It was dead. My cousin came around and pointed towards the window and said: “it’s so beautiful outside”.

Then I noticed that the background, there was a tree right in front of the window and so many flowers outside in the lawn; the sight was impeccable. The rain had cleansed away all the dirt and everything was now very clean and beautiful !
Then it struck me, like everyone; who is normal, I was more engrossed with the dead spider (the part which I wasn’t fond of) while the genuine splendour was there right in front of me all the time and it went unnoticed as I wasn’t paying attention to it. The lilies and the roses in the flowerbed were so vivacious and dazzling that they seemed artificial. Everything appeared twice as vibrant and spectacular as ever. I was bewildered that how come I didn’t notice this exquisiteness before?Same happens in real life. Consider your drawbacks and shortcomings as a small black spot in your life, and the blessings as white. Our problems are only as big as we want them to be and only as depressing as we want them to be. We make those tiny, black spots big splatters and divulge into depression thinking that our life has reached a dead-end. Instead of marvelling the countless blessings, we prefer to be down in the dumps. It can be described as like ‘living in a black hole’ and carrying a sense of impending doom and feel lifeless, empty, and apathetic while having the choice to feel contented.Every person is significant in this world. You are alive because nature’s forces have worked together to make you what you are today. Over the past, our history is full of so many incidents in which people died, wars, epidemics, draughts, floods, earthquakes and many others, and as a result their future generations do not exist. Your grandparents and Great-Grand Parents survived it so that you can come into being. Nature has a way of eliminating and eradicating people from one era to another, if you are alive that means that nature wants you to live and you are very momentous.
By this I certainly don’t mean that those who passed away were insignificant, their role in this world is over while you are still here as the nature thinks that you are significant enough to bring about more positive change. By nature I am referring to Allah’s power and authority to keep you alive, you are vital enough to live and probably you are more essential than you think you are. Maybe Allah (SWT) wants someone of your future progeny to play a key role in doing something great for this world that is why you are alive, think of the possibilities and thank Allah (SWT) for considering you significant enough to be kept alive. Many people go into inferiority complex just because by thinking that they are insignificant, they consider the spider not the whole garden which is in-front of them and thus they destruct themselves.

Sometimes in life, you get knocked down real hard. Some people call you a loser and some come around with sympathies, some come to see if you are suffering or not, while very few people tell you to get up and try again. We prefer to see that spider on the window rather than the beautiful view around. It takes time to take shift our attention from that spider to the splendour around but if we accomplish that, we conquer our fears and that indeed is the time when our stairway to success opens up again or in other words we start living again !


13 responses to “The Spider And The Window

  1. Great post! If people actually for once begin noticing positive things as well instead of just the negativities around them, the world would undoubtedly be a lot better place to live in! We ignore so many great things and so many bounties everyday, and instead concentrate on the things we don’t like, that it is unreal :(

  2. One of your most inspiring posts ever !
    And you are right that we dont look for the good things but get depressed over those things which we cant change …!

    Great to see you back, missed your posts a lot !

  3. Assalamu alaikum and Welcome back,

    “For truly with hardship comes ease; truly with hardship comes ease.”
    (The Holy Quran,Surat al-Inshirah: 5-6)

    It’s up to us whether we focus on the “Spiders” and worsen the situation or remain patient and get glad tidings.

    “The deep roots never doubt spring will come.” [Marty Robin]

  4. Excellent post and great words, really inspiring and true !
    We all look at the spider and forget about the beauty of all the other blessings !

  5. Quite true. We are the one’s responsible for our own depression. Anxiety takes only as much space in our head as we allow it.

    BTW, “one small event entirely changed the way I think” tells me pretty well what you’re headed to. Your observation, reasoning and deduction skills shall make you do extraordinary things in life. Take my word for it.

  6. Hi Rooha I read a few of your posts. You write so well. To me this post has a simple yet important message – ‘Be positive always’.

    With kind regards & keep smiling! Cheers.

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