Fair ?

A self-explanatory picture.
Found it randomly on a site and considered it worthy to share !

To me it seems to fit almost everywhere in Pakistan. Obviously every person has their own qualities and their own ways in which they out number the other person. One man, who is good in athletics doesn’t mean that he is good in chess or cooking too !

A fair judgement would be reached if you test them with respect to their personal qualities. You cannot ask a fish to climb a tree or an elephant to to swim across the Atlantic ocean !
I find this very relevant to the famous poem: A Mountain and A Squirrel by Allama Iqbal.

A mountain was saying this to a squirrel
“Commit suicide if you have self-respect
You are insignificant, still so arrogant, how strange!
You are neither wise, nor intelligent! not even shrewd!
It is strange when the insignificant pose as important!
When the stupid ones like you pose as intelligent!
You are no match in comparison with my splendor
Even the earth is low compared with my splendor
The grandeur of mine does not fall to your lot
The poor animal cannot equal the great mountain!”
On hearing this the squirrel said, “Hold your tongue!
These are immature thoughts, expel them from your heart!
I do not care if I am not large like you!
You are not a pretty little thing like me
Everything shows the Omni-potence of God
Some large, some small, is the wisdom of God
He has created you large in the world
And He has taught me climbing large trees
You are unable to walk a single step
Only large size! What other greatness have you?
If you are large show me some of the skills I have
Show me how you break this beetle nut as I can
Nothing is useless in this world
Nothing is bad in God’s creation

Everyone (at least in Pakistan) has read this poem in 6th or 7th grade. It’s a famous poem by Dr. Allama Iqbal and it teaches a great message to all the readers. Alas! we all forget that lesson and hence continue to live our lives in ignorance considering ourselves mightier than others.


6 responses to “Fair ?

  1. Very Natural, and exact way to explain what happens in our present day life….all is based upon what we call a stupid MERIT or whatever the criteria is… rather than a person’s qualities in specified fields !!!

  2. The photograph can explain the evil connected with the unjust globalization of American culture.

    I read Pakistani westernized bloggers justifying and promoting the western philosophies of freedom and freedom of expression in Pakistan. I think this picture proves them wrong as well.

  3. That’s the way of the world it seems. We must just keep going towards the light and stay strong and ultimately our love will get the highest grade on that exam. Thanks Rooha…..VK

  4. Hmm.. The picture sums it all. And it was a great idea to link the poetry to the picture.
    This happens all the time in life, and this also happens to be the reason why we fail in understanding others potentials !
    Thought provoking post. Keep them coming ;)

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