~Love is in the air~

Here comes the most awaited day for all those love birds and couples who want to celebrate and show their love and affection towards each other. You can see almost every gift and card shop specially decorated with red roses and flowers and teddy bears to give to loved ones. Though I’m not a fan of Valentine’s day (my friends think it’s because I have no one to celebrate it with..Duh!) But I find it pretty amusing how greatly arrangements are being made around me just for this one day. Special offers and arrangements in elite restaurants (not to forget that they cost a fortune) for couples with red heart shaped balloons, exotic cuisines, candles and violins..!

Valentine’s day brings with itself a heated debate topic on whether we should celebrate it or not. This starts a series of forward messages mentioning that it is haram for a Muslim to celebrate it as it promotes indecency and that it is a conspiration against Islam etc. Some Muslim scholars say that it was started by a Jew, some say Romans started it. Some believe that as Christians and Jews started it so they should not be a part of it. From Islamic point of view having intimate relations with non-mahrams are Haram and since it promotes such activities Muslims are supposed to refrain from it. The fact is that though so many people condemn it on internet on basis of religion, on the other hand, most of them have such relations going on in their personal life (I am not judging anyone, just stating what I have observed).There are various historic events which people usually relate with Valentine ’s Day. I believe that Valentine ’s Day is just an excuse used by lovers to express their love and commitment and used by card making companies to generate profit.

There is no logical reason for celebrating Valentine ’s Day. You see, if you love someone you should be able to show it to them 27/7 all year. One day a year is not necessary to show love. Just like Mother’s Day and such other days which are celebrated internationally, they are nothing but profit techniques for big card and gifts companies. If you love your wife or anyone who you want to be your valentine, make them feel special every day. There is no reason spending loads of money on roses, chocolates and gifts just for one day. If you love a person you’ll show it all the time not at any particular date or time. You can use that money to give a homeless person a decent meal or can buy them some decent clothes rather than spending it on a special lunch in a luxurious hotel with your wife/husband/fiancée/fiancé/girlfriend/boyfriend.

Furthermore, from what I perceive, the younger generation is taking this day way more seriously than it really should. They are getting into practices which are not only condemned in Islam but also in the society in general. I don’t think that it is their fault, as the whole environment around them is filled with couples and hearts and roses, they think that it is normal to behave like that. We are ruining our own generation by promoting such events.

So, for the sake of the younger generation, I request you not to celebrate it with enthusiasm. Religious grounds are another issue but think of the whole society in general where your children are having a negative impact on their personalities by seeing those special heart shaped cakes and cards and beautiful roses being exchanged between two different sexes. Married couples say that since they are married so no one should question them, but the thing is that a kids’ mind is immature, by giving them an idea about the concept of Valentine ’s Day you are ruining them and their thinking. Kids are too innocent to know what is right and wrong for them. Gradually we are pushing them to cross the moral limits and do things they shouldn’t be doing.

My Plea: save our generation from moral and social degradation and avoid celebrating it


14 responses to “~Love is in the air~

  1. Well written,
    Good to know that you wrote something on this topic,
    (as I also intend to write a brief note about the day on my page)

    The Young Generation must be warned about this (cursed) celebration (as I perceive it) and I never felt any guilty to tag it in such words. Spreading awareness is something that rewards (if we have pure intentions)

    Great post,

    Haseeb Jamil Khan

  2. i agree on the point that celebrating valentine’s day is a profit generating business (specially as we can see it in our media),but let me defend my generation a little ……………… few years back when V-day was a new thing to our society everyone followed it blindly but now its not welcomed like it was in past (or as its shown in media),people especially young generation of my country have become so much practical n realistic and they know that its the time to build our self n our country rather than merry making n celebrating pathetic redly deadly events!
    i also agree that some people still support it but its a phase of revolution, comes to every living nation.
    All that is ours, we will come back to it sooner or later!!
    i believe that me n my generation will get over this V-tag :))
    Stay blessed!

    • well we can hope for it.. but most of the people are not concerned about the greater good. Everyone is selfish to an extreme and hence even though most of the people know wht is right and wht is wrong they choose wht suits them the best irrespective of right and wrong.

  3. Being subscribed to the follow up comments, I found few comments on this post. :-/ Strange though,
    Any ways, I agree to you Hira Alam. Young generation is more oriented for the future of our country, and striving for a better cause.
    May Allah bless all those who are struggling hard to make our country prosper.

  4. the younger generation is taking this all in the wrong way and this needs to stop. They have no idea about morals and limits..!
    I totally agree with you.

  5. Many believe Valentine’s Day is a time to show love and appreciation for loved ones. But I disagree; we should be showing our love towards our loved ones all year around. Why do we need a stupid valentine’s day????

    The young generation instead should do something positive to contribute to a better society. There are many people out there who are living without basic needs such as food, clothes, education and sanitation facilities etc.

    So guys before you go out and spend your cash on stupid Valentines Day think about the people around you. Feed a poor person and Allah will reward you.

    Great Post Rooha, Keep it up.


  6. We have a long standing history of not celebrating Valentines day. In fact my dad and I use to make chocolate cupcakes with orange frosting. We decided we’d enjoy Halloween twice a year instead of celebrating a Christians martyrdom for Marrying Christians against the Pagan Rome’s law.

    Love is all year.

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