The Look-ism Dilemma

A long time ago, in early 20th century, there lived a man of high virtue and honour. He was the emperor of his kingdom which was composed of acres of agricultural land and immense fruit gardens. He was the first one in his empire to own a Chrysler car. It had a stunning design and he was proud to be the owner of such a magnificent ride. He even allotted security guards to protect it. One day the car stopped operating.  He employed all his resources to find out what is wrong with his good-looking car as for him it was not only a means of travel; it represented his high status. Some people suggested that he should paint it blue. They thought that the colour of the car is not appealing so it might be the reason why it stopped working. He painted the car blue. Unfortunately, this didn’t work. Someone told him that since the Chrysler cars are mostly of black colour so he should paint it black to make it work again. He treasured his car a lot so, he did as recommended but that attempt ended in failure too. It was discovered later, by a wise man, that the problem is with the “inside” of the engine not the “outside” of the car.

We are like that car. We keep working on improving the exterior while totally ignoring the inside. Like the engine which needs regular service, our souls need customary inspection too! Our thoughts, our visions, our imagination makes us beautiful. In other words, the clearer our soul is the more beautiful we are. Our souls can only be clear and beautiful if we recognise our defects and work on them to correct them. The first step in improving ourselves is to know and accept our faults and then “service” them.

The general concept of beauty is good looks, I tend to disagree.

Society usually judges people by appearance. Social trends push young girls into plastic surgeries or in most cases; severe inferiority complex. According to a survey, in US 7 out of 10 of girls have their faces done. Since when does our appearance delineate what we are? I often asked myself who or what defines beauty? What’s the criterion of stating anything as beautiful? I was watching Bridget Jones`s diary, and I realized out of the blue that beauty really comes from our mind. In that movie, Bridget was not supposed to be too pretty. She was a normal and a little chubby girl, but I could see her exuding some pride. She had confidence in herself. That is significant.

Everyone is beautiful and no one is perfect! Like the car, if we wish to keep ourselves operating we need to correct our inner faults to make ourselves more beautiful from inside. Being confident helps us to realise our potential. Look-ism is now a social dilemma. Appearance oriented scrutiny should be exterminated because we are human beings not exhibited objects.

We’re all beautiful from outside the way we are created and as for our inner beauty; we need to create it ourselves.


27 responses to “The Look-ism Dilemma

  1. Greetings Rooha….
    Excellent post. Very well done and so true. Glad to see you active again. I hope you are well and staying safe. I feel so awful about all that is going on over there. Take good care….VK:)

  2. excellent post Rooha!!! maashaaAllah so inspiring and profound point…. inner beauty is far more than any other blessing…. but many of people don’t realize this fact… you pointed out right “Society usually judges people by appearance.” pata nahi kab aqal aaiaygi logo ko… but I am sure ke if people like you keep writing then it will surely help in changing mindset of people around… (: may GOD bless you buddy…. keep writing and keep inspiring Ameen sume Ameen …. looking forward for your every post…. great!!!

    • Thanks, I hope to increase awareness about such social issues and I hope that one day, if we all try hard enough, we’ll be able to remove such evils from our society !

  3. Totally agree with your post. Unfortunately, it’s all about plastic surgery and Botox these days. In Pakistan I have noticed it’s all about having bleached white, fair skin. If your complexion isn’t WHITE you are not considered beautiful, to me that’s SAD.

  4. great post rooha! actually we have double standards,we want others to consider our inner beauty but we don’t apply this rule on ourselves and prefer outer beauty… we have made our lives difficult ourselves…. we are just deceivers…

  5. So true! I am thankfully old enough to realize that beauty comes from the inside out, but it is my prayer that young women are reading your posts and are able to understand your message. You are a powerful writer. Best of luck!

  6. As I started using I found out that many women were blogging about beauty (make up, beautiful stars, fashion, etc.) I guess that you are right on target. Now if someone tells me that television is not a brain washing machine…

  7. This is so very true.

    I love the way you used the foolishness of painting a car to make it work to illustrate. Very clever.

    Smiles are the best beauty secret I know and they come from the inside not a cosmetics counter.

  8. That was a beautiful post and you spoke the truth. What is in a person’s heart and soul is the most important thing. Thank you so much for the Candle Lighter Award. I really truly appreciate and I will put it on my page. I look forward to your next post.

  9. Wonderful post Rooha & so true. Sadly so many today can’t see the truth of how important the inside of a person is & people get judged & degraded by external appearance. The media especially I feel is responsible for much of this..

    • exactly, when girls see beautiful girls on TV with beautiful eyes and perfect hair and figure they automatically start comparing themselves to them and hence they strive to become that !

  10. Greetings,
    True beauty shines through, for the wise can see through the superficiality of perfect skin, or hidebound social judgements.
    Good one.

  11. Lovely post with very meaningful! As is said “Beauty is skin deep” is so true. Our inner beauty lies in doing good for others and being kind. Such people remain joyful and radiate happiness all around.

    Cheers & best!

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