Five Seconds

“Five, four, three, two, one. A child just died of famine”. In these modern times when the whole world is progressing in every field of life, it seems unreasonable that on this same planet one person dies of hunger every 3.6 seconds. It is estimated that for the price of one missile, a school full of hungry children could eat lunch every day for 5 years.

So what is the point of knowing all this? If you observe the law of nature, all the animal species have this instinct of protecting others of their kind. They stand united against a common enemy. Like a flock of birds take care of each other from predating species. We humans are probably the only beings who fight among themselves. We are our own enemies. We are ruling against the law of nature which entails us to protect ourselves and those of our kind from adversities. With more than one billion people, mainly women and children, in the world suffering from hunger; it is obligatory on those of us who have 3 meals a day to take action. It is easy to think that one person can do little to help the situation but if thousands of ‘one person’ take action, much can be achieved. Since you’ve started reading this article, at least 200 people have died of starvation.

It’s a matter of common sense that the most significant thing in this world, the thing without which we cannot survive, without which our lives will end, is available free of cost. It is accessible to each and every human being regardless of their race, caste, religion and physical appearance. Oxygen. Imagine what it would be like if we had to get oxygen in cylinders for use rather than getting it from the atmosphere. Then there would be long lines not for CNG but for oxygen. And all the countries would be fighting on oxygen not oil. The second biggest thing required for our survival is water. I don’t think that anyone in this world can claim that he/she never tasted water. No matter how unhygienic or scarce as it may seem but it is available to all living beings. You won’t hear anyone saying, “I haven’t tasted water in my whole life because it is too expensive.” Same is the case with food. No one reading this article can claim to have never eaten foodstuff. In other words, we are blessed in ways we can’t even imagine. The fact that you are sitting here and reading this post, leading a comfortable life without the thought of starvation is indeed a blessing- a blessing we pay no heed to.

Despite the fact that there are variety of ways to help starving children, such as raising funds and sending food to their countries but what should be done ahead of everything is to feel thankful for what we’ve got. We go to lavish restaurants, we have a table full of scrumptious dishes and yet we make faces if we think that the food is too salty or too spicy. We take food for granted or leisure while for one third of the world’s population, it is their call for survival. Technically, we should be thanking God every 3.6 seconds that we are not being starved to death.

So the next time you think that the food laying before you is over-cooked, under-cooked or not good in any manner, think about that starving child who died while you were scrutinizing whether what is before you worth eating or not!


24 responses to “Five Seconds

  1. So true Roo…Good one. It is a very difficult time to be alive and watch all the unnecessary suffering. May it all end soon and the love return to our hearts and minds. Blessings and Happy Easter to you….VK

  2. ignorance. people knew but pretending that it never happens. Thanks for sharing this. if u allow it, can i reblog this post? its a great post to read by all.

  3. Rooha You are Great-!!!
    Your Blog is needs to be clicked by every blogger Five Seconds in minutes??
    You are really a very nice human being and and a proud brave women. From the core of my heart i appericiate and love to be part of campaign you are high lighting. This has been the real service to bring positive changes in this world where every leader or an individual who alleges to being a so called human.
    But needs to be shown the actual face of humanity.

    Bigdeal’s Blog Post: “Big deal” from ‘3D Idiots’

  4. Excellent post. Thank you for reminding us how important gratitude is and how each one of us can make a difference.
    Engaging writing style, relevant subject matter, and a great way to raise awareness and make people think.
    Fantastic blog. :-)

    • Thanks a lot for dropping by :)
      Its a thought that matters.. I hope to create awareness about this topic so that we can all work to minimize the damage being done every 3.6 seconds !

  5. This hurts to know, hurts more to be here overweight as I am, impotent of what is happening over there. I can give money. Sigh, money. It’s food they need, yet there is such massive waste by supermarkets and so on. This was way sad to read, very sobering. Good on you though, it needs to be within our awareness, not without.

    • Its great that you are now aware of the situation faced by so many people. Dont worry, your good intentions of helping those who are facing damage is what matters the most :)

  6. I liked your blog….I feel the same way when it comes to the hunger issue in the world. I wish people could see that something can be done; it would be a mega project, but I think reliefs aren’t that far away…… .

    • yes.. I wish too..!
      but first people need to realize how much they are blessed and hw much food they are wasting which could be used to help svae the lives of so many people!

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