What we really want…

I recently came across this picture and found it so true.
I have decided that from now onwards, I’ll try and find such inspirational pictures and post them here :)


12 responses to “What we really want…

  1. What’s great about a blog is that the reader goes there to read the opinions of the person who writes. Now I don’t mean to be harsh, but there’s a mountain of this sort of mass produced naievety over on Pinterest. I encourage you to forget this kind of thing, and use your own mind to write about something you’re fond of which may indeed inspire someone else, which I’m sure you can.

    However, I have to say, I’ve posted a few of these myself, especially when they’ve been funny. *sigh*.

    Yes, we must write our own material! ;)

    • I know that this can be found extensively on various sites but sometimes, I need encouragement and wisdom. Some pictures really do inspire me and that is why I wish to share them with all :)

  2. We do want the True Enlightenment to find us and pierce our very souls! Thanks so much for deciding to follow my blog and for “liking” my post! Bless you! Love this post and the concept of your blog!

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