Five Things I Will Teach My Children

I paid a visit to my old school and I couldn’t help but wonder… what happened to kids these days? There seems to be a huge transition in the way they think and behave (though I left school just a year ago). The moral and ethical values seem to diminish and this was coupled with wrong idols and heroes. I thought that I should jolt down the things I would definitely want to teach my children. So here goes:

1)      First of all, I was astonished(as in literally dumbfounded) to see the rapid increase in number of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Rebecca Black fans (and oh, Nicki Minaj) . Seriously, what is wrong with the kids nowadays? They seem to have forgotten what true music is like. Being a music freak myself, I would ensure that my children listen to good, quality music rather than some ear-piercing gibberish.

2)      Being that boring person who loves to read books, I happen to be unfortunate enough to read fictional disasters like (ahm ahm) The Twilight Saga. I can go on for hours criticizing the series but yet again, the general opinion about it fails to please me.  Hence, I will make sure that my children don’t get to waste their time on anything like that. I will encourage them to read great authors like Charles Dickens, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, J K Rowling etc (I have a very long list in this case).

3)      I think that at the moment there is a huge malfunction in the fantasies being shared by the children. The stories and fantasies play a huge part in the mindset of the children. What they see and perceive determines what they grow up to be. Wrong fantasies lead to wrong heroes and ultimately

wrong frame of mind. Nowadays we have children fantasizing about sparkling vampires (yes, I am referring to Edward Cullen). They need motivational stories and characters to help them realize their goals and ambitions and not to forget, stories which enhance creativity.


4)      Each and every one of the children I’ve seen wants to rush through this time and be “older”. This forces them to act in ways which (I think) is inappropriate for their age. Everything looks good but at a specific time; I see twelve year olds worrying about their relationship problems and I wonder whether they have truly lived their childhood? I’d better have my children worrying about how Harry Potter will find the seven Horcruxes rather than dwindling in their relationship issues. Hence, from the very beginning I will make sure that my children enjoy their childhood in the best way possible. Rather than letting them go through breakups at the age of thirteen, I’ll keep them busy in healthy and mind stimulating activities.

5)      The final thing that I will unquestionably teach my children would be to live without fear and would encourage them to be more creative. I won’t force them into any profession (unlike what the picture depicts). I see children nowadays who spend their whole school life being bullied. I will teach them to follow their dreams.


The above mentioned points do not mean that I am not accrediting the current parents, obviously they did a wonderful job which is why I am writing this post and you are reading it (I assume).

Disclaimer: This is merely my own view of how I will raise my children, though you are welcome to apply these to your own children. Thanks


32 responses to “Five Things I Will Teach My Children

  1. From what I heard, I can agree with the changes at our school even after one year! And not good changes either!
    The innocence that we remember is always going to make us want to preserve it for the next generation!

    • The innocence that we remember is always going to make us want to preserve it for the next generation!
      ^^well phrased!
      I feel sad for children now, they’ve compromised their childhood for something which isn’t even good for them!

  2. just made my day by calling twilight saga a ‘fictional disaster’ makes me puke .. :D

  3. Oh you said it Rooha,
    I have always believed Stories are a nutritional group.A balanced diet must have good music, great stories, outdoor playing along with healthy life style.

  4. Teachers and parents play a major role in this regard. Such Idiotic stuff was also available when we were at high school. We left 2 years back which is indeed a short period. but we were saved to a great extent because parents had control on us. I dont know what happened to the parents now a days and they bow before the children’s wishes, even my own mom is sitting speechless. Are they afraid of their children or its something about status symbol? Why they are letting their children to get involved in such stuff? A BIG QUESTION MARK.

    • We were all exposed to this I agree and I think that the only thing keeping us away from the prevailing evils is because we knew the difference between right and wrong. We were able to distinguish between them.
      I hardly think that now even parents know what their children are doing.

  5. Discovered your blog through Soma mukherjee. Didnt know that you were that young bcoz of the wise words that you write. And yes, even I wonder why I wasted my time over twilight!

  6. I found the post quite amusing and fun to read actually!!
    I want my children, that is i live to see the day i become a father to have the same childhood as me, like being understanding what the children have to say!!
    My father listened to old songs, like really old and the legacy continues as i enjoy listening songs of the same genre!!
    Like being the person i want my children to be!
    Being a role model!!
    Like our parents are i guess for all of us!
    I dnt want them to be boring like me but too flashy wont work either!!
    I learnt my english from watching cartoons but they are soo crappy these days, makes me feel worried!!

    • InshAllah you’ll be a great father :)
      yes, exactly!
      I feel sorry for the children nowadays… they hardly get to experience the great stuff we had like Scooby doo, Flintstones, Jetsons etc.. !

  7. its truee.
    Ive been a part of this institute for 11yrs. . And something has terribly gone wrong with the kids here,especially in the past year.
    Secondly, yes twilight is a complete disaster, read the first novel only and it made me pull my hair, such a stupid boring ridiculous and plotless story twilight is.

  8. very true… n the worst part is that its happening in front of us… 4 years ago when we were 13, our favourite stuff were pokemon cards, blazing yoyos and beyblades… now i pity 13 year olds today, they’re ruining their time thats not gonna come back. Now i see why old people keep saying their time was better!
    P.S. twilight and beiber…….. yukh

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog and following me as well! About this post, well I so agree with you!! What has happened to the true talents of music! All the ones you mentioned are just, well lets put it this way, none talent! I aswell consider a very music music freak as well. I love music and to me this is not music! The new generation is very sad! I hope they wake up someday soon and realize the true meaning of wonderful things in life..

  10. Sorry, I was typing a bit fast and after a certain amount of writing you can’t see how it appears on the box, I looked at the post I wrote after and theirs some bad spelling!! lol

  11. hey,this is all soooo true.the school kids of this time really amaze me..they are way mature than they should also a great book lover and throughout life me,and other poeple of my age,used to read books of our age and our choices grew with it..and am sure todays kids dont even know the name of those authers…and about the music i think that they go more for the punk look n all rather than the good music..these are some nice 5 things you want to teach :)

    • yes… It disappoints me and makes me sad that they’ve never experienced something as awesome as what we refer to “childhood”

      Thank you for liking this, it means the world to me :)

  12. Rooha i am impressed. you will be inshallah a very good mom. but do add urdu books to the library of your children. ammer hamza ki dastaan,daastaan imaan feroshon ki and many more. nowadays the children are getting further away from the national language.

  13. Well said! It’s kind of alarming to see how young these kids are when they start having a “serious relationship” or cracking sexual innuendos – which to be honest, I didn’t even know of when I was their age. Ha, Way to be innocent!

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