Welcome 2013 :)

Note: Personal Post

2012 has been a very active year with so many things happening around the globe. From the devastating Sandy in the US to the KONY revolution, from the much discussed doomsday on 21st December to the Muslims dying in Myanmar, from the Saif and Kareena getting married to Pakistan winning the T20 Asia Cup. Yes, it was one hell of a year with so many things happening all around us!

I’m writing something after a long long time and I regret not writing more this year as much as I wanted to. Another year gone. A whole lot of memories floating my mind; some astringent, others more than satisfying. There are some people I would thank for making me see the light when I was alone standing in dark and yet I would thank those who lead me to experience that isolation and making me strong enough to face the circumstances. 2012 was a great year for my personal growth. I saw strangers become good friends and good friends become strangers. Sometimes- rather most of the times, terrible things save us from more pestilential things. This year, I saw my life take a back-flip and I saw myself getting back up on my feet (Alhumdulillah).

There is nothing more comforting than the realization that someone is there to listen to you and is with you through all of this. And that someone is God. We never really get time to cherish all that we have and all that we’re blessed with. This year the only hope I had was in God. Thank you so much Allah for such an amazing year. We make plans all the time. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Everything I have now is not what I had planned last year, its much better than that because Allah knew better than me who and what I need the most in life. I don’t know what my new year’s resolutions might be as a part of me is hoping that He’ll remake my every plan in a much better way. Indeed, Lord is the best of all planners!

So many people I should thank for being there with me, for bearing with my insane self for so long. If I start taking names of all the people I would want to thank for being in my life, the list would be super long. Overall, I would thank my family, friends, colleges and all of you people as you all supported me through every good thing and the bad one.

I pray to have more love, friends, happiness, loads of studies and more active blogging this year. I pray for a better understanding of matters and more deeper connection with people I love. I pray for my dreams to come true.

So I welcome 2013 with hope in none other than God and support and love from all of you. I wish you all the best this coming year and pray that your life is filled with more happiness, more blessings and more peace and contentment than ever before :)



6 responses to “Welcome 2013 :)

  1. Happy New Year Rooha, good post. May this following year be full of happiness and blessings for us all Ameen.

    Keep blogging.

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