Confessions Of A Typical Pakistani

Sometimes you keep old stuff in your closet just because they have sentimental value or we’re habitually attached to it. No matter how many times you agree that it’s of no use, you still can’t get rid of it. Similarly, our society is crammed with a lot of social norms which we debate about and agree that they should be discarded but then again we embrace them daily.

I am, like you, a typical Pakistani, and here is my list of a few confessions of the things we criticize in others but they are nonetheless, found in ourselves too!

Confession #1:
“Do you know about Farhan? I heard that he got a very poor A Levels result, two B’s and one C. What a shame!”

From clothing choice to friends, from Facebook to grades; they’ll do nothing but to point fingers. Yes, at least once in our lives we’ve faced those situations in which people totally unrelated to our lives suddenly seem to have an expert opinion in everything we do.
Yes, we’re all like that!
We all love to lament other people about what they do and pay no heed to whatever wrong we or our children might be doing!


Confession #2:
“Jiyeee Butto!”
“Shair Aya!”

We support PML-N during laptop distribution, PTI during “rally-cum-concerts” and when the elections are looming near, we chant “Jiyeee Bhutto”. Oh what a scenario!
Yes, we’ll abuse and speak against the current government but on the Election Day, our votes will be on bid. The highest bidder will get the vote. Consequently, the next five years, we’ll raise slogans against those same people to whom we sold our votes. This cycle will continue for innumerable times!

Confession #3:
Fahad: Hey, have you guys seen the Jab tak hai jaan? Katrina looks hot!!
Shakeel: Astaghfirullah! Tauba tauba!

…later that day, Shakeel was spotted enjoying the song “Channo” from the film “Gali Gali Mein Chor hai”

Who doesn’t love Kareena ’s “Dhoomkay” and Katerina’s “Jhoomkay” but there are two sides to each of us. When we see others enjoying bollywood movies and songs our extremist Islamist side is activated and we become the biggest Mulla in the group. It’s a whole different story when we’re doing the same thing!
So yes! A typical Pakistani does love the spicy bollywood love stories, stricken with unnatural promises of love and miraculous storylines but yet denies even watching them for the sake of being more socially and religiously acceptable.

Though there are a lot of other things typical to a Pakistani, but the imperative question here is whether it’s time to change these behaviours or should we continue living our lives in an delusion that we’re superior than the other person?

I confess to be a part of each of the things mentioned above, will you?


11 responses to “Confessions Of A Typical Pakistani

  1. As an Indian reading this, i must admit that confession#1 is completely applicable to our ”awaam” as well…on how we love pointing finger to the rest without realising there are 3 other fingers pointing at us while doing so—LOL.

  2. kab tak hum logo k nazar me acha bnana k koshish me lgai rha ga… aur zarorat kya ha hmai ksi k nazar me kuch bnana k
    I think people are changing.
    loag aj kal apna bcho k education and tarbyat pa tawajoh daita ha …. kam sa kam midle class

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