Shia Genocide- The Deceased Souls Still Waiting For Justice

Waiting for Justice


It has been 3 days since the loved ones of Quetta’s victims are protesting in severe weather of Quetta with the bodies of the deceased, demanding nothing but Justice and protection.
Apparently, it seems that your sect decides whether you live or die in this country.
Does bloodlines, geographic boundaries and mere political alliances give us the liscence to kill all others who refuse to have the same opinion as ours?

Which one is you


10 responses to “Shia Genocide- The Deceased Souls Still Waiting For Justice

  1. sad only we can be. each one of us be good to others, no matter what colour or creed, in our small circles. each one starts here. slolwly then things may become better. perhaps. hope.

  2. It is so sad and intense. People learn the most by listening to one another and allowing opinions to matter. I pray that God will find an energy source within this situation, and individual human beings will allow help to happen. I pray for people to push away evil thinking and stay strong in not joining in with evil acts of injustice. Amen

  3. no it doesn’t .but I have observed that this shias -sunni equality awareness online only . if practical steps are not taken to accept shias as our brothers , we will still be reading these articles even after 5 years ….

  4. I believe men, women, colored people or black ones, or whites, are equals and have all of then the rights to security, education, freedom, self development and religion practices or not and the rights recognized by UNO. We have to fight for that.

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