Ramazan; Amir Liaqat And Much More!

A month full of blessings and bounties is coming to an end and hence, all the big-shot media companies are trying to pull off “greater” stuff on their Ramazan transmissions to boost up their ratings.

Last year, it was Veena Malik with her “Astaghfaar show” this time Maya Khan made a dramatic come-back and yet that didn’t stop Amir Liaqat making it big by entertaining all the people who watch his show (I feel sorry for them).

The self-proclaimed Islamic scholar, cook, anchor and practically everything you can think of; the “multi talented” Amir Liaqat is also famous for his floral kurtas and distributing Firdous Lawn, motor bikes, irons, washing machines and DVD players to the people on the show. The notorious celebrity reached a peak when he started distributing babies on the show (yes, human babies). One can actually see how real his degrees are by seeing how he treated the artist Taher Shah (the one who wrote and sang Eye to Eye).

Here is a clip of what happened to Taher Shah on the show:

I saw a link of a show “Undercover” which runs on CNBC and it was just sad how they are trying to gain more and more viewers. These self-righteous people tried their best and in some way they got what they wanted; publicity. Casing off people running the brothels in Karachi was their plan (sounds much like Maya Khan trying to be the national hero by her publicity stunt last year). The point being that even if the issue being pointed out is right, there are no way you can chase off people and humiliate them on camera. This is the clip that appeared in CNBC:
(Note: PG stuff)

Ramadan is the most blessed month for Muslims. We fast from dawn till dusk; we make sure to follow all the rules set by Allah Almighty. Unfortunately, all the channels have dragged the most Holy month into competition. In addition to fasting, the holy month is the time we tame our thoughts and open our minds. It’s meant for self-control and self-discipline. It is nothing but saddening to see the lengths people can go to increase their ratings. I liked the ramazan transmissions a few years ago, much less drama. The social media has made everything and every topic accessible to a normal person in the country, it just hurts a lot to see a negative impression being given in this month. Our nation, already known as one of the most materialist nations in the world, needs more than a washing machine and a DVD player. It needs wisdom to see who is better for them and who isn’t. It needs people with knowledge, not degrees (Degree tou Amir Liaqat kay paas bhi hai :P )

On a lighter note, there is no shortage of Amir Liaqat *fandom*. I see a lot of pages solely dedicated to himself like Awwmir Gholib lioqut  and many others along with this, people making amazing parodies about him. The 3 Idiots Hammad Kashan FaisaL on Facebook did an amazing job, here is a link to one of the parodies:

Happy Ramazan!
May we live to see more!


7 responses to “Ramazan; Amir Liaqat And Much More!

  1. One way of publicizing is negative publicity, which is far more viral. Same is the case with Dr.Liaquat. I swore that I will never mention his name on my blog but I ended up mentioning him indirectly when I saw the advertisement of his transmission for the night of 27th. Some people never understand. Until then, pakistan will continue to be as it is.

  2. Amir Liaqat used be a better man before… with more publicity he has turned himself into a laughing stock
    still it surprises me how many people actually follow him!

  3. i So hate Amir liaqat and his show. and hate the waili Awam of Pakistan. who just watch his show for lame gifts. and Geo and other products are making money outa them. and i dont see anything Islamic in this show.

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