Welcome Reader!

Welcome dear readers!

My idea of writing this blog is not to personally attack any religious group or public figure. This is merely my view of things and how everyone and everything should be. Maintaining my dignity of being a Pakistani, I will highlight some of the negative as well as positive aspects of my country. My blog aims at the attitude of people about different situations and the solutions to the problems faced by people today in the society.

Feel free to express your views on my posts.


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22 responses to “Welcome Reader!

  1. What a clear and brave voice you possess. Samantha and me (Marty)) want to thank you for your encouraging response to our family post. We have both read some of your articles and love your courage and passion.

    many Muslim women must see you as a beacon of hope. Expressing her feelings intelligently and openly. I hope you know your support is changing lives and giving some without voice a place to come. We would like to link to your site and support you.

    As a man, I am appalled at all the childhood abuse and sexual assaults by men. We in America hide the worst of it and much goes unnoticed. Worldwide we go to mars but suffering of humanity rises.

    Gandhi said going faster is not better.

    Thank you for your spirit and support you offer others. It is a great life you live daily, be proud and happy for your courage.

  2. Really great blog! I applaud your willingness to speak out and for your efforts. I will be back to read more! Best wishes, Celeste.
    Thanks so much for the follow…..happy to have you! :)

  3. Greetings,
    It’s such a commendable and cordial blog. I really appreciate your school of thought.
    Most Respectfully Sis! sometimes in your life you have to do things. Things that are beyond your will. I’m profoundly sorry If I have said anything wrong to you (fb thing). I mean no harm. Due to certain limits I’m contacting you like this. Here is my email for you reply.
    Best Wishes

      • :D Ayesha, Yes Right. I have mentioned it as “fb thing”. Actually the whole thing is here, I’m trying to fill a cup that has no bottom.

        • oh good luck with that then..!
          Though I seem to find no explaination of why you did what you did but then as it rarely concerns me so I guess I can let go my curiosity about it unless you have a better suggestion.

  4. thanks to viewing my post, ms tariq, even that in different language, tried to share it in universal words.

    nice point of view on your pages, and simply easy to read, that’s the most difficult things in writting :)
    #will continue to reading yours#


  5. Hi Rooha! The normal protocol would be to thank you for following me and liking one of my posts. However, thanking would mean that I wanted such a gesture to happen, to be felt worthy for what I have written. That has not been my intention – to be liked.
    Obviosuly, I did not know you. So, I browsed your blog, and the pages linked to them. You are a Pakistani, and a proud one at that. Felt really really nice to see that. I am a Nepali, studying in India. It’ll be great to know of the real Pakistan (not that it is despised in all of India). My name is Abhineet Kanodia. You could add me on facebook.

  6. Thanks for visiting my spot on the web. You offer a very interesting perspective on interesting subjects written in an engaging style. I like it! See you around the web and on the A to Z challenge. Enjoy your weekend! ~ Mary

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